Commencing the Whole Farm Plan

Farm Vision:
1. To create a lifestyle that provides fulfilment and enjoyment.
2. To enable a high level of self-sustainability through mixed farming.
3. To produce high quality stock and secondary products in the most sustainable and natural ways available to us.

Guiding Philosophy:
To work in an environment conducive to the health of the whole farm, the environment, those who directly or through our products interact with the farm and to our own health and well being.

Planning Goal:
Within 10 years, to have established the full scope of the whole farm plan. This is inclusive of a mixed livestock farm, two Bed and Breakfast Cabins and a primary residence. Ideally, the farm will generate the equivalent of $20-30,000 p.a. to cover the expenses of the land and operations above and beyond those of maintaining each production segment.

Business Vision Statement:
To build a sustainable, community friendly, mixed farming venture modelled on a CSA farming enterprise whilst providing “wholesale” pricing of goods to members with an additional view to a B&B FarmStay based AgriTourism.


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