Building the plan and planning to build …

So, those who have been following so far know I have been working hard at planning the entire scope of the property. The current version of my property plan has reached a hefty 50 pages and there is many more pages to go before this will eventually be called to conclusion. 

The number of revisions would long ago filled a page if I was to keep track, but as details get sorted, new details become apparent and ideas either become refined or discarded.

Part of this process led us into taking the path of considering the hiring of an Architect.

The issue is that we are chalk and cheese when it comes to what it is that we both like and desire out of a home. If we were to choose a pre-planned home such as the wonderful designs offered by Peter Lees, then we would find that we are both compromising and neither of us will be happy. That is not what the house that is most likely to be our last should be.

So, an Architect is required, not to design a house per se, but to take our opposing points of view, to join those with building regulations, sound sustainable and ecological practices and the location of the house to come up with a design that will be functional, aesthetic and efficient.

Also, we need an umpire when we can’t agree.

For that reason, we spent three hours tonight speaking to Jack from Diagram Architects about the differing aspects, about the philosophy, lifestyles, etc. We left feeling drained, but in a good way. We look forward to seeing the brief he builds out of this and while we may not be looking forward to the schedule of fees that will also accompany that report, we felt pretty positive that we have found someone who synchronises well with both of us.

We’ll keep you informed 🙂  


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