2010 ends.

So, the end of 2010 saw us put all plans on hold.

We lost half our wages in the loss of Ingrid’s role due to redundancies and that has meant we went into our own personal Financial Crisis Recovery mode. 

Unfortunately, this has meant that we have accomplished exactly 0.0% of our goals for Goodrock Park as all financial outgoings have been put on hold until Ingrid regains a role in the job market and we feel we’ll have enough cash to cover all mortgage payments before we once again start spending on the property.

The tenant who is using our lands to agist his Angus has failed to contact us nor has he sent through the 6 monthly payment. I’ll need to chase him up as although the amount is a pittance, it can help cover the cost of repairs.

Farewell 2010, we shall not miss you.


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