2011 begins the journey anew

So, with the advent of the new year, it is time to look at the plans for Goodrock Park once more.

A new approach needs to be taken that makes use of the fact that life is a roller-coaster ride and that our work lives will continue to dictate our existence for a significant part of our lives to come.

So, the new plan is to get an abode onto the lot as soon as feasible. To this end, we have written up a brief and sent it out to three architects. Each has been requested to examine the brief and return with an estimate of cost and effort to produce two blueprints. The first is for the basic structure and elements of the house to have it built to meet the basics for a certificate of occupancy, and a second overlay layout that will be used by us to finalise the interior and additional requirements as a separate owner-builder style project.

Meanwhile, I have started the process to sign up for a Diploma of Agriculture with NMIT. This isn’t going to be easy, but I have already communicated with the teaching staff and they have agreed to assist me to complete the degree via a “correspondance” style contact with them, allowing me to not require the full time attendance that is normally required. This degree will allow me to take on a second weekend job with the local Agro businesses in the area and expand both my knowledge but also my financial goals. 

Finally, I’m going to re-examine my farm plan, and re-structure it into smaller projects based on labour and costs. Some of the large projects, such as the 16Ha (39Ac) revegetation and wildlife corridor I also want to pursue fervently with DPI, Goulburn-Murray Water and Landcare to see what grants are available. I think it’s important to get that started as soon as possible to allow the estimated 32,000 natives that will be needed to be planted as much chance for establishment that the current La Nina conditions would offer them.

So, there it is, the 3 stage process to start the new year off.

Viva la Révolution, oui?


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