Suburban Farming …

This is great. It’s nothing new, and they aren’t the only ones who have done this, but they are in the spotlight by the US ABC’s Nightline show because they are producing food, fuel and goods while living on a fifth of an acre (~700sqm) block with a normal family home in a city suburb. What’s also pretty remarkable is that the lot produces enough to move the family off the grid. 

I don’t believe that all places can go directly off-grid. In fact, I know there are some places where they have covenants that demand that a suburban residence is connected to city services. 

However, this shows that everyone can make a significant dent in their food bills on an average sized suburban block.

The next stage of course, is to have a row of neighbours who co-op together to produce an urban farming enterprise of goods, so that the Smiths produce the leafed vegetables, while the Browns produce the root vegetables, the Walts the fruit and the Imajens the eggs … with everyone putting in a little effort, the entire community benefits.


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