So, today, I became a student …


So, as per my past a month or so back, I officially started my Diploma of Agriculture today. It’s going to be interesting juggling this course and full time work, but I guess I set myself the challenge and there’s nothing else to do but take it on.

I sent out a request to the local DPI representative early last week about possible grants. Sent along my 20 page report on my proposed wildlife corridor and the revegetation that would be required. Still have not heard anything back. I do know those guys are pushed to their limits, so I hope it’s because they are backlogged and not because they just ignored me.

My sister is moving out of the rental property my parents have, so I can lock that down for our own use, but it’s a few months earlier than we expected, this means we are going to have to speed up the process of packing, cleaning and selling our house. I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for that. The delays with the Architects has made that a more daunting task as well since we won’t have a timeline for living on the block until we can secure one again.

Remember how I said it’s going to be a tough year? I may have underestimated that a little …



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