When you live a two hour drive away from the property you want to develop, accomodation becomes an extremely important aspect of your whole farm planning exercise.

We originally planned to build a small, two room mud brick weekender on the property, but soon discovered that the costs of adding the autonomous features were hefty, and getting the lot connected to the grid, was even more so. 

The realisation that many of the jobs that can be done within a few hours really required us to be onsite with the addition of the cost of building a place that was not what we wanted nor intended to keep (let alone the potential issues with planning permits!) really forced our hand to consider building a proper residence first and foremost.

This one decision has derailed and restructured our entire farm plan … and lives.

To achieve this, we have been on the hunt for an Architect. As previous angsty posts have shown, this has not been a smooth nor prosperous path. However, we have finally arrived there and have sent notice to a firm that we would like to sign up and start the process with them.

In the meantime, we are going to need to pack up and move out of our current residence in Narre Warren South, to prepare it for market placement and selling. We will move into a rental in Avondale Heights and use the opportunity of the low rent and lowered mortgage payments to make a dent in the mortgage of the land to build up an equity base from which to acquire the building loan.

Speaking to a colleague of mine, he questioned why we were having such a difficult time acquiring an architect. I explained our requirements for a sustainable, ecological, passively designed house and some of the technologies we wanted to implement. His response was “well that’s the stuff I’m interested in, not just your struggles, time to blog about that!”

I think he is right, so as part of this blog, I will start blogging about the technologies we are looking at and why we wanted them. This should also segway beautifully into the design process and the building project over the next few years.



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