Architect Achievement: Unlocked.

It’s official!

Today we have signed up Alvyn and his team at Soft Loud House Architects to undertake the full compliment of Architectural services to build us our home on the Goodrock Park estate. 

There is a number of reasons why we chose to go with the team, the biggest being a match in philosophy, from their own website:

Since its inception in 1999, Soft Loud House Architects has established itself as an architectural practice committed to innovative and sustainable design. Through our extensive work with housing, farms, Rudolf Steiner schools and more recently eco villages, we have become recognised for our grounded, healthy and lively form of organic architecture and our ability to interweave buildings, gardens and landscape to create an enticing and poetic sense of place.
Many years of research and experience has enabled us to develop a solid resource base of sustainable materials, information, consultants, contacts and suppliers.  We offer our clients sustainable and practical choices for design, materials and energy efficiency in their buildings and landscapes.  Soft Loud House Architects are a certified carbon neutral company.
For Alvyn Williams, the principal architect of Soft Loud House Architects, the consideration of food growing, climate, humanity, and environment are more than just features of his work; they are at the heart of the design process.  Alvyn seeks to work with each client in defining their emotional and experiential guidelines for each project, leading them to a deeper level of fulfilment upon completion.

Meeting with Alvyn really solidified their philosophy in practice and especially that last paragraph for us, and since it is exactlly what we were after. It was practically a no brainer in making the final choice. 

So, welcome to the team for this aspect of our journey and check them out if you’re in the market for an ecologically and sustainable architecture firm. 




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