Procrastination, thy name be Historical Fascination …

I have spent  the last few nights being fascinated and absorbed in reading about the world of Sugarloaf Creek with the eyes of the people who walked the land 120 years ago. Scanning through a treasure trove of old newspapers that have been digitised by the National Library of Australia, I have started piecing together a basic history for the region. Much of it is still disjointed, and there are hopeful glimpses of exploration occuring, but for the most part it is akin to the convoluted rabbit warren that enters the Wonderland of Alice … except presented to me as a jigsaw puzzle … one of those “solve the mystery to determine the image” types.

I have managed to find a range of information on the old Sugarloaf Creek Hotel, which is mentioned as being well established as far back as 1892 and have already taken the time to build a page for that information.

Alas, I must try to meter out my time here, as I really must focus on completing my Climate Risk Management assignment. I also have to investigate, analyse and present my findings on four different livestock enterprises … I have contacted a few farms and am pleased to say that a couple have already responded in the affirmative that they would be willing to allow me to interview them. 

I’m also meant to be finishing a bunch of information for the Architect; completing our EBMP workbook; packing up to move; and preparing our house for sale.

I think I may need clones …


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