Everything costs …

It’s a lesson that needs to be learnt. Even by me. Well, OK, especially by me. 

I keep trying to do so many things. I take on so many tasks. Fly too many flags and fight too many battles. I forget that sometimes, in my attempt to scrounge and save by “doing it myself” it may have been a far cheaper cost to have chosen to have asked for help, handed it over to someone else or simply hired an experienced hand to get it done.

I guess this all comes about after a mad, rushed, overwrought week of my normal full time work, completing my annual job review, evening study, making time for the occasional classes, completing extra-curricular classes to accomplish my EBMP, trying to prepare for my mother’s 60th this weekend, beginning the organising of the swap of the novated lease vehicle later this year and the hundred and one other activities I keep promising to complete. 

I need to learn to stop and reevaluate the cost of the things I do – to my pocket, my health, my relationship and my drive.

The costs aren’t always measured in dollars or cents.


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