More soap boxing on the Environment.

When it comes to the debate over climate change, global warming or the carbon tax, it’s impossible to have a “a logical, reasoned argument on the subject, using facts and data” because every single time, we have somebody arguing that they don’t beloeve the scientists, they don’t agree with the dictionary meaning of words or automatically boo-hoo any form of attempt at finding a reasoned middle ground to communicate the concept.


So, it is impossible to have a decent discussion on this. 


So, what then? Well, in short, my argument is this: It doesn’t matter whether you believe in, or simply wish to discredite, global warming, climate change, the carbon issue, the sun rising in the east, papa smurf or the damned tooth fairy. The argument itself is irrelevant.


At the end of it all, it is about risk management. The carbon debate? Well that’s possibly just one way to tax pollution. Which, I personally think is a good thing. Does it solve anything else? Well, there is evidence it will make an impact. Maybe that’s enough? I feel it is just like the movement that stopped the use of CFCs, it has to start somewhere and a significant impact can be made. Were CFCs the only chemicals that deterioted the ozone? No. Did the banning of CFCs slow it down? Yes. Was that change enough for the ozone to begin repairing itself? Yes.


If humans were logical and egalatarian, we’d be able to sit down, look at the entirte situation, discuss it in detail, come up with a holistic action plan and implement it.


However, people are not like that. So, what’s the answer, do we do nothing until the debate is over?


Below is a video that I think is great. In it, this high school science teacher lays out a few good arguments around this stance, laying out many of the pro and con arguments and leading to the most logical action – using risk management as the basis for that decision, and not arguments.





My final word? Instead of arguing who is right and who is wrong – why not simply be the change you want to see in the world? If you are honest with yourself, everything else is just an excuse for justifying your behaviour.


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