Whole of Farm Plan v4 – Complete.

After a very succesful day spent with the Architect walking through our property version four of the whole farm plan is now complete.

Alvyn was fantastic, able to provide insights in all manner of areas around the property, including the “path of least resistance” for the driveway, areas where water runoff could be better utilised in certain sections and that was before we even arrived at the proposed housing sites.

Walking around the three areas set aside as possible housing sites, he pointed out key items of interest for consideration:

  • Land Slope — Dead flat land was not ideal for placement of waste water treatment nor water tank placement. This sort of makes sense upon further thinking, as additional digging would be required to create the right angles for gravity pressure, or pumps installed. 
  • Sun angles and Shadows — Being an Autumn afternoon, avoiding areas in shadow is paramount, otherwise, with the dropping of the winter sun, a house within those areas would require lighting from as early as 4:30/5:00pm
  • Wind — Taking into consideriation wind movement and direction are also important – obviously, from an engineering point of view, having to deal with and build for lower wind forces are ideal, but research also shows that up to 22% of energy savings can be made with homes that are not losing heat from thermal currents caused by winds.
  • The views — seems pretty self explanotory — but whilst looking at each site, the aspects of the views were considerably different, and the outlook of each site made an impact on the overall expected view of the surroundings.
  • Approach — Once a housing site was agreed upon, then looking at the final driveway approach was also taken into consideration. Alvyn made a pretty compelling case for a driveway to circle in through the strand of 200+ year old Eucolypts rather than directly through the paddock as both a statement of our natural philosophy as well as that sense of crossing the barrier and haviong that emotional “arriving home” feeling after a hard day in the city and driving in at 7pm.

So, the new housing envolope has shifted down in a SSE direction by approximately 600 metres, and that placement has actually made the completion of the jigsaw puzzle for the back end of the property just fall into place. Thus, version four of the plan is now complete!

View Goodrock Park in a larger map

Some of the major chnages to this plan (other than the aforemetnioned housing site movemnents) are the placement of driveway components to match “least resistance” and “high ground” flows; a focus on the grazing business as the first enterprise for the property; removal of the piggery and biodigester plant (to be defferred to a future date); consolidation of all shedding and educational infrastructure to a defined region in the mid-property.

There may also be some good news occuring in the near future with both the DPI and DSE hinting at revegetation grants may be released in this next financial year. I have already got feelers out in a number of places and hope that I can get some traction on my 16 Ha wildlife corridor project. I will, of course, let you know more as details come to hand.


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