[EDIT: Thanks for those who made an effort to read the document and provide feedback. The process was taking too long for my liking, so I have published an updated version of this document which has been uploaded in this blog entry and comments can be made from there — TQ]

Ever since I started on my foray into the Agricultural world, I have been struggling with a range of issues, thoughts and concepts that have been floating around in the back of my head. For the most part, they have been a hodge-podge lot that were best described as scraps of thoughts, sparks of insight or nefarious hunches. While I have not been able to solidify them into logical statements, let alone back them up with any real data, I have been convinced I was right. I just couldn’t prove it.

Thus, being the (occasionally) pragmatic type, I felt I had to explore these areas in detail as I simply could not allow myself to continue with this journey without actually stopping and examining these issues in an attempt to understand not only my own position (and thus direction) but also the Agricultural industry and the Australian (and specifically – Victoria) regional issues.

That said, I have taken the opportunity over the last few weeks to flesh out those nefarious, sparkling and scrappy insights and ideas into some kind of considered view … that has spawned the following paper. 

[Removed by Blog Owner]

Some of the topics covered will need a greater amount of focus and could be a paper in and of themselves, and I have tried to keep them brief and contained.

Thus, I release this paper as a public draft for review and comment and am utilising this space to invite you, dear reader, to read and thereafter challenge, debate or even concur with my positions and arguments in the paper.

I look forward to your views and reviews.



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