BetterBeef Network Phone Seminar – Meat Standards Australia

Recently, the BetterBeef Network held a phone seminar to cover the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and how it works as well as explain how producers can supply cattle into the system and maximize compliance results. The presentation covers the Meat Standards Australia program:

  • providing an update of numbers being processed
  • the national average premiums being offered to producers
  • factors affecting eating quality (in particular how a producer can minimise the risk of dark cutting animals)
  • understanding feedback sheets
  • and an overview of boning groups

The Presenter is Edwina Lord, Livestock Supply Co-ordinator for MSA with Meat and Livestock Australia.

Edwina grew up on a mixed beef and cropping farm at Croppa Creek (near Moree, NSW) . Edwina has worked in the cattle industry since completing university, previously being involved with agricultural policy and since being at MLA has worked with QLD processing plants driving the adoption and ensuring compliance of the MSA System. Edwina is now the Livestock Supply Coordinator at MLA.

I have placed the presentation and the recording of the seminar that was provided by the BetterBeef Network.

I suggest that you start the audio and follow along with the slides.

MP3 Recording

If you are interested in knowing about future seminars, join your local BetterBeef Network. For more information on the program or to find out where groups are being established contact the Victorian DPI by phoning Dougal Purcell on (03) 5336 6794 or Cheriel Tidd on (03) 6030 4521.

NB: All materials presented remain the copyright of MSA, MLA, DPI or the BetterBeef Network.



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