a quick “what I am working on” update

Quick post today — our life is filled with the usual happenings that any life is filled with – going to work, paying bills, cleaning, emptying the shed for hard rubbish collection, cooking dinner, oh my geology! it’s tax time again!, family obligations, etc. In between all of that there’s a range of things that I am spending brain space on … 
  • Some assignments set for my Diploma of Agriculture 
    • Interviewing and putting together a presentation of different farming enterprises and their place in the industry. 1 down; 3 to go.
    • Document and complete a full enterprise business plan for my own enterprise
    • Start working on putting together a feed production plan
  • I downloaded the National Food Plan: Issues paper (all 130 pages of it!) intending to review and respond to it. However, with everything else I have on the go, I honestly do not see myself able to meet the 05 August timeline for lodgement. Though, I will give it a concerted effort.
  • I also am working through the latest RIRDC publication “Successful Land Leasing in Australia”
  • Reviewing the EBMP booklet and course that I completed earlier in the year and seeking to integrate BioSecurity and related land management risks elements into it
  • Started a spreadsheet to calculate the power usage of the appliances we have (or plan to have) and thus calculate the power generation and storage requirements for the house we build on the property.
  • Chasing down the consultants I have asked for feedback and quotes on building the driveway and setting up a telemetry station.
  • Started investigating contract (background) farming options – specifically with monogastric species – this is a whole new area for me as I have been focussed on ruminents.

Theres probably a few things I haven’t mentioned … but this gives you an idea of how insane my headspace is at the moment.


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