Now for something Different …

Offal Dinner @ Josie Bones!

Offal Dinner @ Josie Bones

Those who know me know I am a huge fan of Nose to tail eating, and a proud owner of all of Fergus Henderson’s Nose to Tail cookbooks. 

Since the closure of the Homebush Hotel in North Fitzroy there really hasn’t been (to my knowledge) a good offal restaurant in Melbourne … so imagine my surprise when I got this gem in my mailbox! 

Chris, Julia & the Head Chef from Josie Bones have put together a fascinating menu and  organised an offal dinner celebrating the whole of the beast. 

Where:  Josie Bones, 98 Smith St Collingwood

When:   31 August for 7pm

Cost:     $110 inclusive of drinks

To book – call Josie Bones:  9417 1878 or or email:

[reposted from the Goodrock Park What’s News & What’s new Section]


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