A Pain in the Oestrus …

As I have done a number of times before, I present here for posterity, sharing and proof that I do stuff (other than hyperventilate about current issues) the powerpoint presentation that is the final assessment piece part of my Diploma of Agriculture – Livestock Health Strategies unit.

In this instance, it is a brief (musty be kept to under ten minutes!) presentation on the bovine oestrus cycle and what may affect the timely return into heat.

I’m still working on one more major assignment for this diploma, this last one is to investigate and review a variety of production enterprises and assess their viability. I decided to investigate an industry segment I was not already familiar with, and am now completing the presentation for it. To give you an idea of the scope of this work, this is a screenshot of what is the culmination of two months of research to produce a 300Kb Excel File that is a magic mine field of formulas across 17 Tabs that can calculate the capital and operational costs, profit and loss statements, budgets and monthly cash flow breakdown over a 15 year period  … and this was just for the “determine the viability” aspect of the assignment!


More to come soon … 


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