No Energizer bunny … but still going …

When I started down this journey two years ago, I didn’t think I would be signining up to do a Diploma. I started my Whole Farm Plan, and then I completed my ProGraze Grazing System course because I wanted to understand more than what the web and a handful of books offered me.

Since then, my Agricultural library of books has grown substantially, my education has been bolstered by the opportunities that were made available by industry bodies and caring farmers, I signed up for not one, but three Diplomas and I decided to undertake a Vocational Training and Assessment certification as well.

The past few weeks have been hard, with conflicting time and assessment requirements colliding at once, but I have managed to work my way through and complete three more assessments. I have sent off the first assessment for the Enterprise OH&S unit, completed the first of three assessments for the individual training and assessment cluster and I completed the major research assignment for the Diploma of Agriculture.

This is the culmination of hours of research, interviews and work over three months culminating in the presentation I will be presenting on the 7th September. These are my slides, with the notes pages outlining my speech and additional information. I tend to use the notes pages to detail my speech, time my animations and pace the presentation. So, while you may not get the all the bells and whistles of me presenting, or my impromptu tap dancing, I present for you an analysis of setting up a broiler house contract growing enterprise.

With this, I will effectively have completed all bar one of the units for the Diploma. Which is good, as I need to start focussing on completing the TAE assessment over the next few weeks so that I can then complete my Agronomy Soil assessments …

it just keeps going!

And I am starting to feel like that duracell bunny … watching the energizer bunny carry on and cursing his inferior dry cell capacity.


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