Strange as it may sound for a social-network advocate like myself to say, I have been resisting pushing out the (fledgling as it is) Goodrock Park brand out onto the greater social network scene.

This week, I decided that there are advantages to doing so that go beyond any construct of advertising, branding or good will – there is value in a range of twitter folk who are active Agvocates and believe in the maintaining the integrity of the Farm to Fork journey.

So, I have spent this week splitting off those accounts I followed under my personal twitter account and following them with the new @GoodrockPark account. I have already begun re-introducing myself to many old contacts and making new Agsocociates.

The twitter feed is also where half of the content for the daily online news collation that makes up my personalised “Australian Ag News Daily” that is created via the service provided by paper.li.

So … there you have it. I know twitter is like, soooooo 2006, but I created a twitter account for us regardless.


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