Worth Watching: Two Videos on Carbon – Not just for Farmers

These two videos were taken as part of TEDxDubbo where both Carbon cycling and Carbon sequestration are explained and detailed.

These are must sees for farmers and a must see for anyone who doesn’t understand what the big deal about carbon is – what it is not is a anti or pro argument for carbon politics – just a basic, clear and straightforward explanation.

The first video is by Ichsani Wheeler who examines the carbon story from the natural cycle to soil carbon sequestration. She is committed to highlighting the importance of healthy, functioning soil as vital to a healthy, functioning society and how the results benefit everyone … not just farmers.

The second video is by Tony Lovell who explains the reasoning behind how more green growing plants means more captured carbon dioxide, which means more water and productionand profit.

I hope you enjoyed these, and don’t forget to go and check out the the other presentations at the TEDxDubbo website.



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