Personal Update: A Flurry of activity

Where do I even start?

Well, this last month has seen me being active on a variety of Agvocating sites and projects, though not as many as I would like and not those that are directly mine. However, I’m a believer that we reap what we sow … it just may not be in the same field.

The crunch of all of those education programmes being undertaken at once has started to take it’s toll. I was pretty crook for most of the last week, and I think it’s no coincidence that my stress levels are up as the end of year projects from both the day job and the diploma programs start clashing for time.

On other fronts, the wildlife corridor project I have been petitioning for on my property for the last year has finally taken some legs. It seems that there is some traction and that the DSE may come to the party. This will mean a huge 13 Hectare section of the property from creek to road will be revegetated to aim to return it to it’s natural glory and aim to seduce the local wildlife back into the area. 


The home front has been interesting as we come to grips with a life in the inner-west of Melbourne. The house in Narre Warren South has not attracted the interest we hoped, so we may resign ourselves to leasing it out. This will set us back by at least a year if not two. But what can we do? I keep hoping the lotto fairy will sprinkle us with jackpot dust, but I don’t think relying on the weekend inheritance is a smart move.

Our Architect Alvyn has come back to us with some inital conceptual designs this week, and they are something to behold. Here’s a taster:


We’re still in the process of admiring them, going through the features and floor plans, matching it against our original brief and basically seeing what our heart is telling us. It is very exciting!

There’s so much more, but I have so much homework to do and I may as well do it while it is pouring rain since I will need to hit the property and repair those fences as soon as the sun starts shining again … 


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