Another two reports down …

and the work still continues on. 


I managed to complete a full agronomy soil analysis and renovation recommendations report this week. Finalising that 30 page report was a major milestone for me as all of the accumalated research and knowledge all came together and I found myself evaluating options and understanding the pros and cons of multiple solutions. 

Along with the Agronomy report, I finalised the Recognition of Prior Learning components of my Training and Assessment Education course. I still have to finalise a Validation process, and put together and deliver three forty minute training sessions. So the strees there hasn’t been relieved.

I have one more assessment for my Diploma of Agriculture and once I submit the assessment of a livestock feeding programme, that will be that course wrapped up. That then leaves me free to complete the OHS Induction programme and the Staff management Assessments to meet my obligations for the Diploma of Rural Business Managent for this year.

In between all of this I am also trying to cost up and plan a Woodlands regeneration programme (green zone in image below), a redwood firewood plantation (yeop, the red zone), seeking out native species to use as alternatives to Hawthorn Hedging to utilise as natural fencelines, finalise the design process for the homestead, consider how to start a three year liming and fertility programme all while still trying to sell our old house, meet my committee obligations and all the usual things life throws at us like work, paying bills and christmas shenanigans.


I have so many things running through my mind that I’m afraid to try and stop any of them in case it creates a pile up.


2 thoughts on “Another two reports down …

  1. <font color="#006600"><font size="2"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">I isn't. I is just insane with a pretty colours paint set and a sesquipedalian vocabulary.

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