Four. Thousand. Seedlings.

I have officially kicked off three projects today with an order for seedlings to be delivered.

One thousand seedlings will be a mix of Acacia paradoxa and Bursoria spinosa to be planted in 2.5m spacing over the length of a kilometre to create the first of the native hedging fencelines. 

Two and a half thousand seedlings being a mix of trees, bushes and shrubs make up the requirements for a 13 Hectare Woodlands Wildlife corridor from the roadside to the creekline (The big green zone on the south side of the property displayed in the farmplan image below).

Finally, a further five hundred seedlings, being a mix of Eucalyptus polyanthemos and Eucalyptus camaldulensis to shore up the salinity zone and stabilise the water table in that section (the redish-orange section of the image below).



So, with the help of the wonderful Amanda out of Tree Project, the Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank maintained by Melbourne University’s Dookie College and all of the volunteers who put their time and effort in to help by propogating and raising the seedlings, we should have four thousand little saplings ready to go into their new home in August and September of 2012.

There is still a lot to do between now and then, mind you.

Two kilometres of fencing needs to be constructed from the roadside through to the creekline to protect the woodlands wildlife zone.

I’m also looking for as much free to next-to-free mouldy bales of hay to use as a thick mulch across that same zone as a form of natural weed suppresent and organic matter builder. 

There is also a truckload of logistics and planning to be done — I’d like to host a two day event on the site at the time. Whilst I’d like as many tree planting volunteers as possible, I’d als like to organise representatives from Landcare, DPI, DSE and other organisations to provide education sessions over the weekend – from understanding salinity charge/discharge zones to identifying grasses, from weed management to keyline fencing, add a few wood-flame grills and some local produce and it may just be a great event.

I may need some help with this.


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