Australian Ag : Time for a SWOT?

May Last year, whilst still a relatively new entrant into Australian Agriculture scene, I wrote an opinion piece entitled  The Threats, Challenges and Weaknesses – Entering the Australian Agricultural Industry which was my attempt at reconciling the issues of entering the industry and the issues at play as I saw them coloured by the Victorian experiance as it was.

I recently commenced requesting respondants on a survey on Threats to Australian Agriculture with some interesting patterns appearing in the responses. 

I’d like to continue the journey from that piece and expand the conversation. The need to focus on the threats is one that is almost too easy to do, but the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities need also be discussed.

To this end, I am asking people to joing the conversation and offer commentary and opinions to help build the picture – especially in this the Australian Year of The Farmer. The Australian Farm Forward Agvocacy site and specificly the Google Groups Forum is a good place to start the conversation and I sincerely  look forward to hearing and interacting with you. 


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