Grand Designs …

The paper work and fees for the planning permit has been submitted to the town planning department of the shire and the wheels are slowly turning in a forward motion.

The proposed building has always been intended to be a low impact building – not just on the environment, but on the site and even to the aesthetic impact on the landscape.

These philosophies were integrated into the design from the beginning, being made apparent in our initial brief to the architect, reiterated and enhanced in the design brief and continued as part of the base philosophy of the project and design. The location of the proposed building was chosen as much to meet these requirements as it was for the way we felt about the location.

The philosophy was always to utilise passive design options, low embodied energy and local materials and to ensure the footprint on the land is kept to an absolute minimum.

This philosphy extended to the impact on the lot with the site scouted to ensure no flora of interest existed on the proposed building site – with local experts from the DPI and DSE engaged to ensure the prognosis was correct. It is our intention that if any native flora of interest has sprouted prior to the commencement of work that we will transpose the flora to the wildlife corridor.

The site was also chosen to ensure the survival of the existing paddock trees. In fact, the driveway (which will be re-created over an existing path) was chosen to lessen the impact on the property and chosen to weave between the cluster of Eucalyptus to utilise them as a feature – with one even becoming the feature of a roundabout. 

As is also demonstrated by the whole farm plan we actually plan on increasing the flora on the property. In fact, 4000 seedlings of mixed native trees, bushes and shrubs have already been ordered (expected delivery is Sept 2012) to plant the 13Ha wildlife corridor and 2Ha salinity zone.

The design our Architect has come up with is one that is quirky. It’s simple yet eccentric and in an odd kind of way, is very much us while also meeting all of our needs.

The Quaker barn styled design utilises all of the passive design and low embodied energy principles whilst meeting the need for a low aesthetic impact on the landscape by blending into the rural scene.



As planning processes progress and we start the next stage of drafting and engineering, I’ll be in a better situation to start talking about some of the details and expand upon the design.


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