Monday, Monday …

can’t trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be …

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, and after the events of the weekend. I figured it was about time.

The last month or so have been hectic. Amongst the usual background noise of life, work and mortgage payments I have been:

  • organising the remainder of the units I require to complete the Diploma of Agronomy and Diploma of Rural Business Management degrees I started last year. 
  • Continuing the process of attending to the needs of the shire planning department to advance the planning permit for our grand design project
  • working on architecting and building a web presence for the south west goulbourn landcare network
  • volunteered to man the Mitchell Shire and Landcare stand (Stall 250 – see map section below) at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo (Friday 17 – Sunday 19 February)

  • Had a great chat with a few individuals
    • A young queensland chap who is seeking to shift out of his city based career and into Agriculture. The discussion led from issues to business to alternate views and opportunities. I think it went well, I hope to hear him tell his story in a few years.
    • A charming lady from South Australia who wanted to discuss my take on threats and opportunities and how we can educate the public more … I’m not sure I helped, I may have only made her more pessimistic – but i do hope she does think about it further and gets back to me with her own thoughts organised and ready to look at the landscape from a new angle.
    • A wonderful lady from NSW who is truly championing change in Agriculture and willing to take the fight to the front door of the lobbyists and the politicians to ensure that we do not squander the opportunities offered to us in this year of the farmer.
    • A Chap from the east coast of Victoria who was interested in starting up a new farming festival. However, i think I wasn’t much help when I pointed out that there were quite a number of festivals in that region of the world and he would be better off seeking to join one of the existing committees.
  • Working on two new surveys for the Australian Farming Forward agvocacy site – one is focussing on the issue of education and employment in Agriculture and the other on perception and opinions of Australian Agriculture.
    • Getting annoyed that I am being offered work as a sessional teacher – but only for one or two weekday business hours. I shouldn’t, it’s nice to get the offers … but as I need to support my (soon to be) 3 dependent mortgages, 2 property management costs and farming project costs, I can’t give up a full time role for 2 part time days a week. I keep reminding them I will happily take on weekend or weeknight sessions … but no takers so far.
    • I now have a co-curator for the #agvocate which means I can ensure the service keeps going and is updated every day. It’s a good service, and I do not mind paying to keep it alive now as I know that it will remain to be useful. If you also want to help then let me know!
    • The next door neighbour to the farm is selling his ~7Ha property. We had a chat and he gave us a figure. We chatted to the two banks we knew we can deal with and put simply, both stated that at face value the property would not be given the same valuation by their valuers. One of the banks would be willing to assist me, but as this would place me in a higher risk bracket, they would only offer a 60% mortgage. I simply cannot come up with the missing 40% – which means I can’t take up the opportunity  … but If you want a small property with a 2Br mud brick home with a pond at the back door, landscaped gardens, B&B cabins, sheds, large dam, yards and loader … ping me and I’ll get you in touch with them prior to it being advertised with the estate agents in autumn.
    • Due to financial difficultes, I’ve had to defer my plans for putting up a new fenceline to close off the proposed wildlife corridor. I need to somehow save an additional $5000 to purchase the materials and then at least a weekend to install the 2.1 Kms of pine strainers, steel posts and wire strands. I need to do this prior to August when the 4500 saplings arrive and another $3000 of tree protectors are needed as well.

    There’s probably a few things I have forgotten to add, but you get the gist – it’s just a flurry of activity at the moment but nothing of any great achievement to report, thus why the lack of updated posts. So, that’s it for now – have a great week!


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