Busier than a one-armed pickpocket at a kangaroos’ convention.

Between my shifts at the Seymour Farming Expo on the weekend, the research and planning of fittings, infrastructure requirements and primary systems required for the house engineering schedules, the gearing up for the new school year units, working on two startup committees, setting up website structures for 6 Landcare groups, offering some mentoring to a few misguided souls who think I have the answers, trying to keep up with my Aus Farm Forward agvocation site, the #agvocate news collation site, commencing the planning for a planting and info blitz on my property in September … and that was just the last four days … not to mention I am now resourced to 120% at work due to the usual first quarter rush that occurs mid-February … well, you get the idea of why I have failed with returning calls to family and my grocery shopping, let alone in keeping up with my blogs, social interactions and generally fun stuff. 


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