Your views – Biological vs. Conventional farming?

One of the many activities I have signed up for includes volunteering as a Green Champion in my workplace. As part of the activities, we tend to put together different events on how staff can “green” their lives and improve their sustainability. This month we’re going to put together a few articles around the topic of “Food and the Environment” and I’ve taken on the task of putting together an article for the above topic.

Now, I know I have a weakness, that is that I tend to get into the technical bits and bobs of the farming process. SO, I’m opening it up to you dear readers of far and wide. What would you like to see covered, answered or otherwise explained in such an article?

As consumers – what would you like to know? 

Farmers – what do you wish was clarified?

Answer via the article response form and I’ll endeavour to ensure it is covered!



2 thoughts on “Your views – Biological vs. Conventional farming?

  1. As a consumer, I don’t know if being in the US makes a difference, but is it better to buy frozen vegetables and fruits or to buy "fresh" in the produce section? I’m concerned about pesticides and freshness, as grocery produce is not usually local. That means it was harvested and then shipped, so days have passed before it’s "fresh" on the grocery shelves. How can I get the most nutrition and the fewest toxins? I can try to buy locally during the summer, but am not sure about the rest of the year. I also have to be careful about fresh fruit and vegetables because of health issues. Thanks!

  2. Hi there Mr TThe consumer part of me wants to know how realistic/ feasible it is for large scale vegetable growers to avoid using pesticides? What is generally employed, and why? Are there regulations on the frequency? I am certainly not anti broadacre vegetable farming, but if I have trouble keeping the insects/diseases at bay, then what is done on a larger scale?

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