Getting back on my feet …

So, some may have noticed I have been gone for a while … and to be honest, I’m not really sure I’m ready to come back, but maybe I need to make an effort because it has been a tough few months and I need to remember that I’m tougher … so fighting back is something I need to do.

The short version is this: My health declined, my salried workload got heavier and the passage of time has not been kind.

The slightly longer version:

My health declined rapidly at the end of April. Along with throwing my back out due to an old pelvic injury, I thought I was undergoing just another trough in the cycle of my depression, but blood tests showed acute macrocytic anemia and along with my history of bowel disease and malignent colonic polyps, I was terrified and retreated into my shell while I undertook the battery of tests, treatments and waiting.

With all of that stress, a major project swallowed 130% of my working life. This left me stressed, tired and in ill health when I got home. This meant I ended up crashing with utter exhaustion when I got home. For those who know me, they knew it wasn’t normal for this workaholic to not have three hundred things on the go at the same time … 

Then the last fortnight has seen us having to deal with the very early and unexpected death of my partner’s sister at the barely mid-life age of 44. 

In fact, the cremation service on Monday triggered far more than my thanatophobia … it reminded me that time is short and with that reawakened realisation, triggered me that I need to force myself to keep this project going.

So, I’m going to start working on a project to get things moving again. I’m going to re-explore the options and my mission for the property.

A few of the options I am going to explore are:

  • Setting up a Community Farming section – think of it as quarter acre community garden plots.
  • A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) co-op
  • Share Farming

I am even willing to hear proposals and ideas from those who may be interested.

All I know is that if I let life roll over me, then I will always end up flat under it.


2 thoughts on “Getting back on my feet …

  1. Only just spotted this post…hope things have improved since then. Keep up the good work mate you’re an inspiration !

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