My tree Planting: Seeking Assistance …

For those following along at home – I am getting closer and closer to the October 6th Planting date for the 3500 to 4000 plants that will be planted across 15Ha of land.

I have been getting quotes from across a range of suppliers and was generally whining about the costs of goods to a friend of mine who gave me a basic truth:

Them: “So, you’re ordering ten percent more tree guards and weed mats to make up for damages and mistakes?”
Me: “Yeah, I figured that might be a good idea”
Them: How many others have done the same thing and are now holding surplus stock of tree guards in their sheds?
Me: “Huh!”

So – I’m guessing there may actually be a bunch of people out there who may just be hoarding a bunch of weed mats, tree guards and stakes in a shed somewhere who might be interested in having them utilised so as to free some space in their shed.

If you have (or know someone who has):

  • Tree Guards
  • Stakes
  • Weed Mats
  • Tree-Planters
  • any other items, tools or things to help achieve this project 
  • etc

and are willing to give, donate, loan or sell for a steal – then please contact me!


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