The costs of a social and environmental conscience

I am only a Month away from being having my 3500 native tree and shrub seedlings ready to collect and take up to the property where I will let them acclimatise for a fortnight before starting the process of planting them out.

Unfortunately, I have not had any offers of leftover tree guards, weed mats or stakes … so I will need to put my orders in … and they don’t come cheap!

The previous payment for the Seeds and Tree growing: 1200.00
3500 Weed mats and Guards : 2645.00
10,500 Bamboo Stakes : 1900.00
3 Tree Planters : 360.00
4WD Tray Hire : 690.00

Have not put up a fence, shed or anything else up on the property yet, but $7,000 is already earmarked for this 13Ha revegatation project.

I had to cancel the proposed event day of the 6 October – simply because I could not afford the costs of catering, tents and portaloo hiring to ensure attendees were comfortable … 

I really need to rethink my next moves after this, because I have always had a conscience – but now my wallet is no longer able to keep up with it. 

I must admit. In hindsight, I would have done things differently. I don’t regret the decision but I wish I had organised myself and the financials in a different way. 

Live and Learn i guess.


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