100 boxes of native trees, bushes and shrub saplings!

By this weekend, 3500 saplings will be delivered to the property where they will be unloaded near the central dam and surrounded by a makeshift fence whilst they acclimatise for a few weeks.

Over the next few weekends we’ll start laying out the acacia paradoxa and bursaria spinosa hedge as well as the redgums for the salinity management zone, leaving the mix of 2500 plants for Oct 06.

Things I need to organise and work out:

  • Need a plan to determine an even mix of the species across the corridor
  • Delivery and Transport of the Tree Guards, Weed Mats and Bamboo stakes
  • A portable toilet
  • BBQ
  • Esky
  • Potable Water 
  • Lease/borrow/steal Forestry tube planter tools like the Hamilton or the pottiputki
  • The best way to entice volunteers who would like to help

What (or who) else do I need?



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