Call for Volunteers! Saturday 06 October, 2012!

3 planting projects, 4,000 saplings over a combined 15 Hectares. That is the challenge we invite you to share with us. 

Over the next few weekends, we are commencing works to begin preparing the plants for planting.

On Saturday, October 6 we would like to make a significant impact on the largest project – the 13Ha wildlife corridor that will stretch from roadside to creekside across the southern border of our North Central Victorian property. We want to do this because there will be a great many benefits to the land and region:

* reduce the impact of salinity, wind and gully erosion
* provides habitat for Australia’s indigenous animals that connects across properties
* provides people with somewhere nice to go for a walk! 

However, it’s too big of a job to do all on our own before the harsh summer sun starts beating down again, so we are putting out a call for volunteers to assist with our wildlife corridor planting project.

If you can plant a seedling, carry a box, cart people around in a 4WD or grill a mean snag, then we want you!

Please let us know if you are able to assist on 6th October, (Saturday) and specify if you can assist in the morning [9.30am to 12.30pm], afternoon [1:30pm to 4.30pm] or indeed the entire day.

We will be providing lunch – so please indicate numbers by the morning of 1st October by 
e-mailing us at to allow us to cater (please advise if you have any food allergies!)

Please forward this onto anyone whom you may think will be interested. We can also be contacted on 0403 397 977.

For those interested, a recap of what we are doing … and other ways to assist …

Other ways you can assist:

  • We are seeking forestry tube planting tools (Hamilton and Pottiputki) for the day (with a few already organised via South West Goulbourn Landcare) — if you have any that you can lend us for the day, we’d greatly appreciate it.
  • Life can be made easier if people can bring 4WDs or ATVs to help cart people and boxes of plants up and down the property. 
  • A Portable Gazebo would be ideal to help create a covered central HQ.
  • The afternoon of Friday 5th October will be seeing us preparing weed mat, tree guards, bamboo stakes and plant mix boxes – helping hands are always welcome.


Proposed schedule of events: 
  • Saturday 15.09.12 and Sunday 16.09.12 : Deconstructing the old barbed wire fences that cross the property with a view of re-using the old pickets to create the support structure for the new hedge.
  • Saturday 22.09.12 and Sunday 23.09.12 : Commence the planting of the Hedge
  • Saturday 29.09.12 and Sunday 30.09.12 : Commence the planting of the salinity zone
  • Friday 05.10.12 : Picking up tools, Sorting plants into “mixes”, arranging toilets and facilities
  • Saturday 06.10.12 : The Wildlife Corridor Planting day
  • Sunday 07.10.12 : Cleanup duties.

We’re not deluded – we know that planting will probably continue for quite a few weekends more after this, but we want to get there first.

A recap of the projects:



  • The “green zone” in the farm map image is the the biggest of the projects, a Wildlife Corridor which spans 13 Hectares. It is aimed at providing a link between the roadway and the creek. The corridor should (in years to come) start to attract wildlife back to the region and also promote existing fauna to utilize the cover of the woodland rather than the open plains of the pastures. Neighbours on the other side of the creek have already spoken about building up the land around the creek and one neighbor is also considering creating a corridor from the creek to the top of Scotts Road, to extend the range for fauna. 
  • The second largest project is to control the erosion and salinity caused at the end of the basaltic flow as it met the alluvial plain. This discharge zone creates a visible salinity streak across from the boundary of my land across the neighbouring property and towards the creek. Shown as the red strip in the farmplan above, planting trees along this region hopes to stabilize the water table and greatly reduce this impact.
  • Finally, the third and smallest project is an experiment. Having explored the extensive hedge systems of the UK and then those that still exist in Tasmania, I discovered that the hedges offered a number of potential advantages to the smaller fauna and to the farm itself. As Hawthorn Hedge is considered a noxious weed of national significance, I wanted to see if I could build up a natural hedge system utilizing Australian natives, two plants – the Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinosa) and the Kangaroo Thorn (aka Hedge Wattle – Acacia paradoxa) – were chosen. Both are armed with thorns and have similar qualities to the Hawthorn in relation to growth and density. 



2 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers! Saturday 06 October, 2012!

  1. Wish I could be there in person to help. The boys and I will be with you all in spirit. Such a wonderful project. Much love, my brother.

  2. Hi, I would like to be a part of your fantastic project by helping out. On the 6th of October, I will only be able to help in the afternoon, but would be available all the other planting times and the day before the big one. If this is of any help, please let me know. I have grown up on a farm in Europe and have helped out with many planting out projects. Cheers Annemarie

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