Tree planting started


This weekend, we headed up to the lot to test out our process for planting. We had rolled up “kits” the night before by grabbing three bamboo stakes and rolling them with a weed mat and tree guard. The thinking was that one could grab a plant and a kit ready to go.

Walking the lot and planting the trees taught us a few things. The hard clay soil and rocks were known factors, but the difference weight and strength make on the process and speed of producing holes was quite remarkable. Further, the surprising aspect was not in producing plantable holes for the saplings but in the completely unexpected difficulty of inserting the bamboo stakes in certain sections. In fact, we broke quite a few trying to get enough stake into ground to hold the guards open.

All in all, though, we still managed to get a plant in the ground at a rate of 3 to 7 minutes s piece. Not bad if we say so ourselves.

Thinking it over, I have a new hypothesis on improving the efficiency of the continued planting process. the idea is to split it out into three primary tasks.

The first team can race forward, predefining planting locations and creating the holes required. The second team can then follow up with weed mats and plants while the last team can follow up behind with wire prongs to “pre-drill” the soil for the insertion of the stakes and the tree guards.

We’ll try that process out this weekend and report back.


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