Death of the salinity project

I wonder if there is a German word for this feeling? I know there’s a colloquial word but I doubt it’s meant to be repeated in polite company.

So it turns out that wallabies quite like the taste of river red gum saplings. So much so that they will leap up over the rocky terrain, rip off the tree guards and devour all but two of the fifty we had planted out last weekend.

As I do not have the budget to even consider a kangaroo proof fence for that stretch of planting, the trees will instead be planted around the central dam. This has meant we have expanded the central corridor by an additional 2 hectares and it now includes the central dam as part of it.

As part of this design change, we are implementing a net based fence with offset electric wiring to dissuade cattle, and wallabies. we are also now looking at placing a pump and 3m trough for the cattle so they no longer access the dam directly. Perhaps this will include future plans for the dam as well, but, one stage at a time.

I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew with this project, but I never thought I’d have to kill off parts of it.

Live and learn I guess.


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