So, maybe not a new farm…

After the chat with Dad last month, and quite a few more with friends and colleagues thereafter, there is a point that keeps playing in the back of my head. I said last time

“what good is the additional cash to me if I can’t enjoy it?”

but the question turned around in my head was

“what good is the farm to me if I can’t enjoy it?”

After all, wasn’t that the point? To put all of my ideas, all of that accumulated knowledge, experience and passion into the building of something special?

I could sell the land and then look for something that is slightly less of a blank canvas … but truth is that I have a lot of mental, and emotional investment in this plot. I know, from a pure business perspective, that this is the wrong reason to keep it. I know that if I do so it will still be a struggle. I know that it even means that it will be long time before the herds and mobs on those pastures will actually be mine again.

Yet, illogically, I feel like I’m quitting on an idea if I do let it go. That, somehow, a new plot will not be as special or full of potential. That somehow, I’d be cheating.

It’s insane. I know, but that them the breaks.

However, being over an hour away from the property means that weeknights are a no-go and that really only leaves weekends to make any foray into on-farm activities. Which, in short, barely leaves rooms for maintenance activities let alone anything new.

So … instead of giving up my off-farm income, I’ve reinvested in my career and securing my source of income for some time, and with that we have applied for a new mortgage (pre-approval) and thus, started seeking out a home within the Glenaroua, Sugarloaf Creek or Broadford localities.

We are not going to look at purchasing a new farm, but just a small acreage with a good home, a shed and an easy ten to twenty-minute drive back to Goodrock Park. Giving me more opportunity to work on the farm, if only just for thirty minutes, during weeknights and much more on weekends. Every little moment counts in the longer term vision.

The other side of that of course is that I have become far more active in the community and with being an agvocate. Both activities will be easier to meet whilst, you know, actually, in the community.

So far, we’ve been thwarted thrice – once by an over cashed-up Sydney sider looking for a tree change, once by a family who were quick to put an offer down before the ink was dry on the S32 and once by a price tag that was better suited in a fancy Fifth Avenue store window.

So, other than wishing for the failed finances of previous bidders or hoping that Uncle George will grace us with that Weekend inheritance, we will continue to look.

It is a shame our neighbours aren’t ready to sell … Being next block over would have been just dandy.But I guess the next few weekends (at least) will be checking out the options …

3 thoughts on “So, maybe not a new farm…

  1. I really enjoy seeing people following their passions. I am so glad that you and Ing are sticking with it. I am so jealous of folks who have discovered their passions. Maybe I will be lucky enough to someday discover mine. For now though, I will live vicariously through you. Peace & Love, my brother.

  2. So hang on…you’re keeping Goodrock Park but you’re buying a house closer to work…somewhere in between work and the farm?

    • We’re keeping Goodrock, indeed. We actually just put an offer on a place in the Broadford township which is 20 minutes from the farm and an hours commute back into the Melbourne CBD. The working theory is that it offers a level of risk mitigation. Removing the emotional and financial entanglement that would come from tying ourselves to building on the farm. Further, being closer to the farm will actually give us more focus on the projects we want to do.

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