Wouldn’t you be happier if you just went out and bought an established farm?

My dad asked me that last night.

“I see you spending a lot of hours working out there and not having much to show for it”, he continued, “and it is going to be a lot of years before it becomes even half of what you say you want it to be.”

You know, it’s true. I might be happier if I could find a farm that was already established with a cell-grazing setup, fowl sheds and the like … but here’s the thing – even the cheapest farm that fits this description in the driest corner of the commutable distance from Melbourne is $600K – and that’s without a house – a house will add a cool $300K to that price.

I just keep thinking about the triangle of expectation.

Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.

You can’t have it all.

Even if the “right” farm and house combo showed up I would have to eget a second job to pay the mortgage unless it was below $750K and I could sell my current property¬†immediately.

So, would I be happier? Yes with a but … Yes, I would, but not if I had to hock myself into a second job and thus never have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Which is also the reason I have not gone to get a second job now – because what good is the additional cash to me if I can’t enjoy it?

Sometimes the best we can do is take the slow road.

Yes, this answer is as much for myself as it was for him.