I wonder if there is a galactic psychiatrist for demented planets?

If you add a few yeast cells to grape juice then seal it in a bottle – the yeast cells will consume the sugar and turn it into alcohol. When the alcohol rises to 12.5% it will kill off all the yeast, leaving behind a table wine.  The yeast in a bottle are embarked upon a suicidal endeavour. They can’t help it. They don’t know any better. Humans, apparently, do know better … yet we seem to be on a suicidal endeavour ourselves and I don’t think we’ll leave behind anything as useful or as tasty as a wine …

This behaviour is something I am noticing with unnerving regularity at the moment. Globally, the climate change argument is one such example. Here in Australia, the carbon tax and ETS debates are a reflection of this odd behaviour.

Yet it is not limited to the so called “micro reaction to a macro view” but is also seen in the deplorable way the Indonesian live cattle export and industry ban has been handled – the self destructive way in which with a single issue, the governemnt has placed us on a suicidal path across the arenas of diplomocy, cultural relations, trade agreements with Indonesia, let alone the multi-million dollar impact that will smolder across the north-west of Australia like a continent-wide bushfire.

I can’t help thinking “this is nuts!”


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